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Mold in kitchen


Mold is usually found in places where we use water and leaks may occur over time creating the "perfect environment" for mold

Hidden mold


Mold may be present for  a while without you knowing it.  Common areas are below floor boards, in rafters and crawl spaces

Mold under carpet


Hidden mold can be right under your feet for many months and YEARS without your knowledge. It can make you sick, cause asthma and  more health problems

Mold in attic


Mold can form in places that trap moisture and dead air spaces create the perfect environment for it to flouris

Mold on "drywall"


Mold can attach itself to drywall and feed off of the paper backing when wet. This usually happens "behind" the drywall where it is not sealed or painted and in moisture areas

Mold in storage area


Mold can form over time in closets and areas that have limited air circulation and high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms