Asbestos Abatement



Most of the Asbestos that looks like this you never see.  Microscopic asbestos fibers are .01 microns thick

 (18,000 times thinner than a human hair).

Asbestos comes in many building materials Especially used in buildings built before 1980

Environmental professional


Abatement begins with a certified asbestos inspector who takes samples of suspected asbestos. Samples are analyzed at a laboratory to determine extent of the problem. The asbestos removal can be complex and includes several site preparations.

Asbestos on pipes


ACM or asbestos containing materials can be found in many types of building materials. 

Click here for the list of the most common types 

Ceiling tile


Ceiling tiles that were used prior to 1980 was backed with asbestos.

Floor tile


VAT is Vinyl Asbestos Tile commonly used in most 9 inches by 9-inch tiles. They can release asbestos fibers if drilled or abraided.

Exterior siding


Transite siding is relatively safe as long as it is not in this condition! The asbestos-containing siding was used extensively in buildings built before 1980